Our grips are manufactured from a unique material called elastomer which gives them a very sticky and tacky texture. Because of the technology used for the grips, you may notify our grips to be more resistant during installation.


Please use the guide below to help ensure your grips are installed properly.

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Use an extra layer of double-sided tape on the shaft end for drivers and shafts with diameter .58" or less.


After applying the first layer of tape on the entire shaft, cut half an inch of extra tape and wrap the butt end. This will help prevent your grip from twisting and turning.

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Make sure the grip end is installed and pushed in all the way.


While you still have the shaft secured in the clasp, apply a generous amount of grip solvent and push the grip end firmly until you can feel the shaft hitting the grip end.

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Allow your clubs to dry completely before play.


Once you've finished regripping, let the grip bond to the shaft by giving it 4 -5 hours for the solvent to dry.

Swinging or gripping down on your clubs before they are ready will cause the grip to move around and botch the alignment.

Installation Tips