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Your grip is the only part of the club that comes in contact with your body. Grip feedback and stability are critical at the moment of impact. NO1 Grip addresses this often-overlooked issue by providing players with the highest performing grips in the market.

Its All In Your Hands


Adding our grips to your clubs will 
bring you the much-needed stability 
and confidence for your unique swing.

For a more consistent and accurate swing, NO1 Grip has discovered the importance of re-gripping. Similar to the concept of re-shafting for faster clubhead speed, NO1 Grip will help you "re-grip" and maximize playability. From improved trajectory, increased distance, to lower scores, NO1 Grip will change your game.


NO1 Grips come in various sizes and 
firmness, so you can find one that 
helps perform at your highest level, 
increase distance, and ultimately 
improve your score.


With the feel and spin efficiency 
custom fit to your unique swing, NO1 
Grip brings the most out of every 


To create something we've never made before. To pursue the ideal touch, feel, and comfort. The product is made only in Japan, using the latest technology, by the hands of world-class developers and engineers. We've utilized our finest resources to create the most textured and precise golf grip of all time.

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An F1 machine uses specially made racing tires to increase lap time by a mere 1/1000 seconds. We at No1 Grip believe in the same concept, having chosen the best materials to create a superior feeling between you and your clubs. Our grips deliver exceptional adhesion, which is key to lowering your scores.

Scientific Product Development

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NO1 Grip took a methodical, scientific approach by collecting numerical data from both physical and psychological exercises. Based on the scientific evidence provided by actual golfers, NO1 Grip went through multiple rounds of prototypes and ultimately selected the grip model that provided optimal results. 

Meticulously Crafted In Japan

NO1 Grip continues to take pride in the fact that the our grips are developed and crafted entirely in Japan, who's manufacturing methods and standards are respected worldwide. Manufactured with state of the art injection molding technology, the highest quality technicians, and the strictest quality control standards, the results is a revolutionary golf grip that is truly number one. 

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