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Proud to announce Manolo as an
ambassador of NO1 Grip!

Check out the "Colors" spot 

Image by Courtney Cook

Why Choose NO1?

Unmatched Distinct Feel and Texture 

Feel, feel, and more feel.  There simply isn't another grip as tacky and textured as ours.  Blurs the boundary with hands and shaft.

True All-Weather Performance 

Maintains consistent feel in cold or hot conditions, no hardening, cracking, or fading 

Elastomer Compound Benefits

Unlike rubber, elastomer does not absorb moisture which leads to superior drying and connection to your clubs 

Innovative Dimple Design 

Deep traction dimples provides exceptional comfort, control, and response

Game Improvement Grip

Tacky texture directly promotes less grip tension for added confidence for a fluid swing

Show Your True Colors 

 Bold distinctive color designs to compliment any club and shaft 


Pain free playability and forgiveness on mishits or for those with arthritis

Legendary Made in Japan Quality 

Swing grips are hand painted and manufactured with tight tolerance with variances at plus/minus 1 gram. 


Proud to work with the top brands in golf 

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"I don’t want to do any more grip reviews this year because I do not want to take these off of my clubs"


"NO1 grips blend playful color combinations with strong performance.  Interesting combination of tack, traction, and cushioning"

-Plugged in Golf

"There is no doubt that NO1 makes an extremely high quality grip, and it’s definitely one that has garnered a bit of a cult-like following here stateside"

-the Hackers Paradise

"The NO1’s have a very distinct feel to them that is hard to explain.  These things are super, super tacky"


Meticulously Crafted In Japan

NO1 Grip continues to take pride in the fact that the our swing grips are developed and crafted entirely in Japan, who's manufacturing methods and standards are respected worldwide. Manufactured with state of the art injection molding technology, the highest quality technicians, and the strictest quality control standards, the results is a revolutionary golf grip that is truly number one. 

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Major Champion Y.E. Yang talks about NO1 Grip

"The grip is the only part of the club that comes in contact with my body, so I feel it is a very crucial piece to my game. When the grip doesn’t provide enough traction, I tend to apply too much pressure,

preventing me to swing smoothly. I believe the first step in perfecting your swing is choosing an optimal grip. 


I first started playing NO1 grips, I remember being surprised at how tacky they were, and completely fell in love with how great they felt. It’s always important to have a relaxed, comfortable hold of the club during your swing, but when the grip is lacking in performance, you tend to apply the “death grip.”

Greater distance can be attained from loosening your grip pressure and allowing your club head to naturally swing through. If you’re trying to throw an object as far as possible, you hold that object in your hand very softly, right until the release point, when you let it take off. This theory holds true for golf as well. Even if it feels like the club is going to fly out of your palms, a loose hold of the grip is key. That is why I highly recommend NO1 Grip as their grips are the perfect solution to a better swing".

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